Belgian Team GSE Brazil May 2010Un récit/album du carnet de voyage :
Belgian Team GSE Brazil May 2010
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(Britt writing in the van on the road to Januaria)

Very early on Friday morning we said goodbye to our host families and the Rotarians in Paracatu. A couple of hours later, we arrived in Pirapora. We met our new host families at the prefeitura (municipality) of Pirapora. We had an encounter with the mayor of Pirapora. He received us in his office. He told us a little bit about PIrapora. Pirapora is a little town counting about 60000 inhabitants. Tourism is quite important for the city. The river San Fransisco which crosses the states of Minas Gerais and Bahai attracts tourism and businesses. There are beautiful waterfalls and a beach. There is also some industry such as a jeans factory. The mayor explained as well that the universities or branches of some universities in the town are expanding and this attracts more students. He showed us a short film about Pirapora. He also asked about our professions and was amazed by the fluency of our Portuguese.

After visiting the mayor, we all went home for a rest. At 3pm we had another meeting with the mayor of the town Buritizeiro on the other side of the river. The mayor used to be a priest and was elected because he is well known by the community due to the social projects of the church. He also showed us a promotional film about the town. We talked a bit but unfortunately we could not stay very long, because there was another visit planned.
We drove back to the other side of the river using a bridge that was donated by the Belgian government. We arrived at the building of the marine, situated at the bank of the river. Here we participated in the ceremony of the descending of the flags. This ceremony is held every morning and every evening. Afterward we got to see another film about the marine`s expeditions and tasks in Brazil. We received gifts: an official marine cap! The captain explained some problems they can encounter on the river and how they deal with these.

In the evening, we had another presentation at the Rotary club. We were allt tired and went home early to sleep
Saturday morning was the first morning in 3 weeks that we had some free time. I slept till 8 am (which is late here considering our heavy program). I went running in my neighborhood and took my time to have breakfast and shower. It felt good not to be in a hurry. My guest mother showed me also her furniture store.

At 2pm we all gathered at the bank of the river to sail on the river with the historical steam boat named Benjamin Guimaraes. Carlos Mucida surprised us with his presence and we were happy to see him again. There was a live band playing popular Brazilian pop songs. We really enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the sun, the music, the beers, the dancing and of course the company. It was a relaxing afternoon. Around 5pm we went back to our houses and rested a little bit. At 9pm we met in the club Caca. We all wanted to dance but eventually we were too tired and went home around midnight.

This morning we had to get up very early again. Once more, we said goodbye to our families. We want to thank the Rotary clubs of Pirapora and especially William, the GSE coordinator, for their warm welcome. The ride to Januaria will take another 4 hours.

More news will follow the coming days.

Um ambraco

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Belgian Team GSE Brazil May 2010Un récit/album du carnet de voyage :
Belgian Team GSE Brazil May 2010
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