someone has an solution. ??

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on surfaces my prints always have a line across from a travel movement. I use Outside-In printing direction and the travel is after finishing the outside.
When I have a hole in the inner area, so that another outline has to be printed, I get a second travel line in my surface.
That travel ignores z-lift and retraction and possible wipe and coast, so it leaves a line of plastic. The same happens when changing from skirt to the actual to be printed object, where the travel movement goes opposite across the whole printing surface leaving a plastic line.
Somehow the travel seems unavoidable regardless my "avoid crossing outline for travel movements" setting.
Trying the different "Ooze control behaviour" settings did not change the result.
Searching the forum I have not found a solution yet, so I hope someone has an solution.

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you

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