Opinions on high travel jobs?

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Would be working as a network engineer consultant at 75%+ travel for a mid-size company. However, high end network stuff is really what I love and its hard to break into so this could be my shot.
What is it like traveling that much? I have heard varying things like you end up getting paid more since you get a per diem and you get lots of FF miles and it can be fun to go to lots of places.
I actually like traveling but I don't think I want to get on a plane on monday and come back thursday/friday every week. I am willing to try it. I wouldn't mind if they sent me somewhere for a few weeks or months at a time.I don't have a wife or kids so for me, returning home every weekend seems like a waste of jet fuel. I guess staying at the destination over the weekend costs less or about the same as yet another round trip flight so maybe they will leave it up to me. Do companies offer this option? What are people's experiences? Also do high travel jobs really pay better?

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