Is this a new phenomenon in the moving industry?

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I am moving with the gf, and we need to get movers. I have called 3 places so far and each of them charge 'travel time'--essentially this is the time it takes them to drive to my place from their warehouse, and then from where I move to back to their warehouse at the end of the day.

Colour me silly, but I thought that was the cost of doing business...I am paying you $125 an hour for 3 guys to actually move me, AND I am paying you $125 an hour for two of them to do nothing while one of them drives an empty truck back home. One of the companies charges a flat rate of 1 hour each way, even though they are located 14 miles from where we are starting the move, and 19 miles from where they are moving us to...$250 for 33 miles of empty-do-no-work driving.

Is this a new phenomenon in the moving industry?

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