How Much Money Do Travel Agents Make?

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There are at least 5 independent travel agents within a radius of a 5 minute walking distance. They are not the major travel agents like lunn poly, thomas cook e.t.c, but little one off branches which specialise in air travel. How can they all survive, be profitable and compete with the rest of the businesses, while still remaining in business? Do they make a lot of money per ticket sold?
Many of them seem to depend on travel to the indian subcontinent- mainly india. I find it hard to believe that all 4/5 travel agents can survive on such a small market, with such a small population. Obviously they may get bookings for america e.t.c and other places, but with the internet and other reputable big travel companies (holiday hypermarket, thomas cook e.t.c) also in direct competition with these travel agents, how long can they survive? How much money does a travel agent make per ticket to india, most of the tickets they sell are of the lowest, most restricted fare possible?

Any help will be apprecited.

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