Has anyone found any companies that will insure you??

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I know this had been posted about before, but besides AwayCare (who I am going to call tomorrow), I haven't seen any good leads. I KNOW people are travelling because I have chatted with people taking off on trips while I was getting chemo. One lady even took a little mini "chemo vacation" to florida in the middle of treatment. I am done treatment now, and have just booked a vacation to Arizona. It never occured to me until after I booked everything that my current travel insurance will probably not cover me anymore because I now have a pre-existing medical condition, aka Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I am finished chemo and radiation, and according to my Oncologist most likely in remission (was pretty much already there half way through chemo).

Has anyone found any companies that will insure you?? I live in Ontario - not sure if that makes a difference. My oncologist thought it was great for me to get away to celebrate, so I know she is cool with me travelling.

Please help

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Thank you

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