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Hello there,

I got 3 issues with penalties:
1. Messages about penalties should look different when you or somebody else receives one. When it's about someone else they should be more faded (not tempting you to read them and get distracted); when it's about you they should remain for a longer time so you can read them when safe.
2. I received a stop & go penalty after losing control in a corner and got passed. I didn't had time to read for what cause, but detection needs improvements.
3. I tried to serve the penalty: I entered the pits, the pit menu appeared with the preset, but also with serve stop & go, I pressed the confirm pit button and I got a tire change instead. After 2 laps I got a warning that I must serve the penalty. I entered again and the same thing happened. I got disqualified. What I have done wrong?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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